Stipendio Sergio Mattarella

  • Capo di Stato - Italia
  • Nato: 1941, Palermo, Italia
  • All'anno: 331.000,00 €
  • Al mese: 27.583,33 €
  • Alla settimana: 6.365,38 €
  • Al giorno: 1.273,08 €
Sergio Mattarella March 2020: The annual salary of the President of the Republic is really high: 239 thousand euros gross per year, equal to 18,300 euros gross per month (considering thirteen months).
To this amount you must add an annuity if, in the past, the President has also been a parliamentarian.
The annuity for MPs is equal to:
almost 2,500 euros per month from 65 years, if you only have one mandate behind you (32,500 per year);
almost 5 thousand euros per month, from sixty years, if he has two mandets in Parliament (65,000 per year);
over 7 thousand monthly, from the sixtieth year of age, if he have been in Parliament for three terms (91,000 per year).


Update: 2020-3