Stipendio Israel Adesanya

  • Campione del mondo - mixed martial artist (MMA)
  • Nato: 1989, Lagos, Nigeria
  • All'anno: 424.610,00 €
  • Al mese: 35.384,17 €
  • Alla settimana: 8.165,58 €
  • Al giorno: 1.633,12 €
Israel Adesanya Mar 2020: Adesanya’s guaranteed $500,000 purse topped the list of final salaries released by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which regulated this past Saturday’s pay-per-view event at T-Mobile Arena. As always, these figures do not represent a fighter’s total earnings, as certain sponsorship incomes, pay-per-view earnings or discretionary post-fight bonuses are not publicly disclosed.


Update: 2020-3